With Kids help hundreds of disadvantaged children and families in the east end of Glasgow. In order to raise the profile of With Kids so that our public profile matches our professional expertise, we work with exceptional Ambassadors who can help us raise awareness of our fundraising campaigns amongst the general public and business communities. 

  • Our Ambassadors reflect the values of With Kids: 
  • Belief that everyone has potential for growth and change. 
  • Dignity and choice for the staff, children and the families that we work with. 
  • Respect for the diversity and rights of the individual. 
  • Inclusion and participation in everything we do. 
  • Embracing learning, change and improvement. 
  • Honest and rigorous accountability for everything we do. 

Robert Carlyle

robert carlyle“With Kids is so crucial so important, children need a leg up to provide an opportunity to take part in life to reach their potential. Ambition is so important it’s an absolute crime that so many people have had their ambition stifled or crushed. Keep your dreams keep that journey going.”


David Eustace

david eustace"It is with great humility and much consideration that I have agreed to act as an Ambassador for With Kids. I have little time for those who tell their kids that there's nothing out there for them. Yes there is, for tomorrow is all about these kids and it belongs to them. Every kid, irrelevant of where they are from, has to understand others' failings will never be theirs unless they allow them to be. A belief and desire to learn or question is something I strongly feel should be available to all. It's not always easy and often involves a lot of hard work, sacrifice and commitment."

David's advice to Glasgow's young people: "Believe in yourself, for you are as valuable as any other. Ask yourself the difference between right and wrong and listen to your own voice. Smile, help and encourage others as I have often found much in return. And remember, there is nothing wrong in having dreams. It doesn't always mean having to reach the stars, although why not?"

Jim Lambie

jim lambieI am delighted to be an Ambassador for With Kids. It’s a fantastic charity based in the east end of Glasgow where I grew up. Money raised for With Kids will support Glasgow’s most deprived children and families”.



Kathleen McDermott Carberry

kathleen mcdermott carberryI am extremely proud to be an Ambassador for With Kids because the area in which they work is very close to my heart and it saddens me that so many children living in Glasgow are still in need of the help and support With Kids provide.

I was brought up in the East End of Glasgow and, even though, I had a stable family environment, many of the people I grew up with were not so fortunate. The high rate of single parent families and the ongoing drug and alchohol related problems mean that many children still need help and support. I sincerely hope I can help raise awareness of the issues that affect so many youngsters very close to the heart of the City.

Elaine C Smith 

elaine c smith“As someone who lives in the East End, and is proud to live here, I am not unaware of the massive social problems that exist for a large part of the population. Poverty, unemployment, alcohol and drug abuse have left many children stranded and without the help and support that they need.

As our country is in the middle of a terrible recession at the moment, it is even more essential that those of us who can and are able to help should do as much as we can to make the lives of those children better. So this is an easy project for me to get involved with because it does all of that for the kids and families who are worse hit, as always, when times are tough.”

Michelle Mone

michelle mone“I am honoured and delighted to have been asked to become an Ambassador for With Kids. Growing up in the east end of Glasgow, I know how you can be judged from where you come from and how hard that can be to overcome. But it’s not where you start but where you end up. I don’t think a child’s future should be mapped out at a young age but by the fire in their belly to follow their hopes and dreams.

I have never forgotten where I came from and as an Ambassador I hope to encourage children to believe those dreams can come true if they work hard and keep focused on what they want from life, and for their families to support them on that journey of self discovery. It is up to the older generation to make every child know they matter and they can make a difference despite their background.”

Jonathan Miller

jonathon millerAs the Chairman of Central Car Auctions, Jonathan is an enthusiastic supporter of a number of Scottish charities and contributes significant support to each on an annual basis, he is delighted to be an ambassador for this inaugural event for With Kids. Central Car Auctions is now in its third generation of the Miller family with Jonathan’s son and daughter working alongside him on a day to day basis.


Ross Morrison

ross morrisonRoss is a very talented young athlete and was a Coca Cola Future Flames torch bearer in the Olympic Torch Relay. Ross has overcome his own struggles to become a professional basketball player and believes that all children deserve a chance to fulfil their dreams.


Dee Ripoll

dee ripoll

We are delighted to announce that Dee Ripoll is With Kids new ambassador! Dee is a lawyer, drummer and singer in the band Evera, and the Scottish National Ladies Surf Champion of 2011. She took up surfing in her last year of university and in the space of three years earned her title. In 2013 she had two traumatic accidents which could have ended her career in surfing, but she fought through it all, facing her fears to come back stronger than ever.