All families may find themselves struggling from time to time. Illness, bereavement, unemployment or financial worries - amongst other things - can cause us problems.

With Kids is a voluntary organisation established to offer support to children and families experiencing difficulties either in school or at home. There are many reasons that children may be experiencing issues and all families will feel that they need a little extra support at some time. Unfortunately, many families can sometimes feel isolated and unsure of where to get advice or help.

IMG 9267We recognise that no one wants to be dependent on asking for help. We support families to regain control of their circumstances, whether that be with emotional, behavioural or practical help. Our staff team covers a wide range of disciplines so that responses can be tailored to particular needs.

The services we provide in schools involves children, siblings and parents in one to one sessions, group work, workshops and special events. In addition to this we also work within the local community to help develop long term community support networks. Outside of the school environment we also offer a range of activities and groups that may help support you and your child/ children. 

Please check our events and projects page to see what's on offer. Or why not give us a call or pop in and chat to one of our staff to see how we may be able to help.

We are a voluntary organisation which means that we have no statutory power to make children or parents work with us. All involvement in our work is purely voluntary and in your control.