IMG 8985For children with chaotic and difficult home lives, school often provides their only experience of a safe, reliable and consistent environment. To achieve successful outcomes in therapeutic work for children in this position we have developed a service which is sensitive to the needs of the education system, supports teachers and works with families. We currently provide a service to in a number schools and nurseries in both Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Our approach is to work with the whole child and to provide a service which meets their, physical, social and emotional needs. This includes, one-to-one and group-work with children using a range of therapeutic techniques. 

Services are also offered to parents and the wider family to assist them in building their confidence and strategies to meet the challenges they and their children face. A member of staff from With Kids is assigned to a school to build long term relationships with the staff and children. This enables children to become aware of the service and creates an environment where if a child has a problem they feel comfortable with the idea of self-referral.