We aim to work in collaboration with the school and parents/carers to ensure the best support for the children in our community. We can offer one to one and group support which can help to engage parents and carers, or help manage difficulties (depending on the service requested by the school).

If you would like to discuss our packages please contact Gwen Galbraith on 0141 550 5770 or Alternatively, you can fill in our website contact form.


The therapist will work closely with the family of a child in therapy to enhance understanding of difficulties and advise on ways to manage. They will work to build a relationship with the family to ensure that the right supports can be accessed according to the needs of the child and family.


We can offer a range of groups for parents and children that help to support bonding and attachment as well as build relationships between the school and other parents. These can help combat isolation, improve mental health and enhance skills and confidence. These can range from simple arts and crafts to groups targeted to support particular issues.


Our parents groups provide a friendly space for parents to build skills and relationships with the school and each other. Whether chat, activity based or training they give an opportunity to discuss difficulties or issues, share or seek advice and provide often much needed social contact.


We can offer advice and support to parents or carers who might be experiencing difficulties. We have a variety of one to one or groups that we can offer including parenting support, emotional and mental health, training or family/holiday programmes.