With Kids respects and values the uniqueness and diversity of each child’s personality, family circumstance and social structure.


In accordance with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) we promote and protect the rights of all children to access whatever they need: “to survive, grow, participate and fulfil their potential”. 


As well as being ‘rights based’ our work is profoundly influenced by the neuroscience of early brain development. We believe that early intervention can prevent long term chronic difficulties. Our vision is that all children feel a sense of belonging – and are loved and valued. 


We believe that play is the best means of accessing and understanding the emotional life of children. We work with children, not just for them, we believe that every child has the right to a voice on matters that affect them; and to have their views taken seriously – in accordance with age and maturity. 


All families can struggle from time to time; but many of those we work with also live with the harsh realities of long term poverty. We believe that all a child’s needs are part of their story – and require to be addressed; practical, physical, emotional and social.  


We know that our relationship with children is temporary – only ever supplementary to the role of parents. We try to work with respect, alongside families, exchanging understanding in plain language – building confidence. We believe in the child’s innate ability to resolve their difficulties given appropriate support.


We carefully protect our separateness from the ‘state system’. Advocacy of a particular child’s rights could potentially place us in opposition to officialdom; or even on occasion to a child’s primary carer. 


We believe in being accessible and visible within the communities we serve. Our relationship with schools, families and children influence our work. We aim to build long term, self-supporting networks. 


We will seek to work with like-minded individuals and agencies, to build the confidence of our sector and to incubate new initiatives. We will continue to value the partnerships we have with local schools and teachers, showing our recognition of the important role that these relationships play in our organisation.