Our ambition is to embed proactive and early intervention children’s mental health support within the local community, making it widely available and accessible to children and families in need, with the simple, but pressing aim of ensuring that vital support is available at the right time, and in the right place. Situated in Annfield Place in Dennistoun, we are based in the heart of the community.

With Kids have been situated in the East End of Glasgow for over 13  years where we are known and trusted within the community.  We have worked to establish With Kids as the foremost providers of crucial community based mental health support to children with complex emotional needs; our aim is to make community mental health support widely available to children and families, through the provision of Play Therapy and parent/carer, family and community support.

With Kids have a range of supports for children and families in the Haghill and Dennistoun area. Our project focuses on supporting better mental health and wellbeing for the children and families of Dennistoun and Haghill.

We provide increased direct access to our play therapy services. Working in collaboration with local Nursery schools we offer non-directive, child led play therapy with the aim of improving the child’s emotional well-being, both now and into their adult lives. Our Play Therapists are based in Dennistoun Early Years, Haghill Park, Onslow Drive and Westercraigs nurseries.

Talk to a member of staff at With Kids or your child’s nursery if you would like to consider Play Therapy for your child.

We also work alongside families to find solutions to the difficulties they are facing. This may include practical, or emotional support to parents and carers through counselling, parenting advice, family activities, and community events. Over time our relationships with families aims to enable the building of confidence in abilities to enhance wellbeing and family life. Our work seeks to reduce feelings of isolation and to support greater connection within local community.

Come along to any one, or all, of our range of groups. Click here to see what’s on.

For more information on our one to one parent/carer support or Play Therapy services call 0141 550 5770.

Funded by Glasgow Community Fund and Glasgow Community Mental Health and Well Being Fund