Play Therapy is a way of working with children who are experiencing emotional distress which can affect the way they develop, behave and function in everyday life. These emotional difficulties can have a serious impact on their learning experience, social interactions and wider school environment. Play Therapy helps children manage more effectively and improve emotional literacy, regulation, concentration, problem-solving skills and peer relationships. 

A Play Therapist can deliver therapeutic one to one and group work with children depending on their needs. They will also work with staff, parents and statutory and voluntary agencies to ensure the best support for a child. 

You can read more about it here. You can find a more detailed breakdown of our play therapy service here.

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With Kids Therapists work closely with our partner schools and nurseries. We base our therapists in the school or nursery for a day, or more, per week for the entire school year. This means that we become embedded in the school/nursery culture, and seek not only to provide play therapy sessions to children but to offer a range of supports to nursery, teaching and support staff.


A session usually lasts for 50 mins and the child/children will be collected and accompanied back at the end of the session.  Sessions are held on the same day and time and in the same space, as consistency is a key part of the therapeutic process.


With Kids will provide all equipment and materials for the play room. It’s important that the same space is available each week and that there is a level of privacy where the sessions can’t be seen or interrupted. 


Therapists work closely with parents and carers to ensure the best support can be provided for a child and their family. Regular feedback meetings will take place, with recommendations to help families manage. Parents can also be offered access to other With Kids services such as family groups, holiday programmes and practical and emotional support. 


With Kids understands the stress that children experiencing difficulties can place on the school or nursery. Therapists work closely with staff providing a range of supports, including training, and enhance understanding of the impact of trauma on the child. Read more here