We aim to work in unison with staff to help support and enhance existing skills and knowledge to provide the best support not just for children and families but for the whole school. This includes one to one and group support as well as targeted training to school staff (dependent on package).


For a child in therapy the therapist will work closely with staff to help gain further understanding of the difficulties the child is experiencing and suggest ways to manage more effectively in the classroom and with others. This is includes space for staff to discuss any issues and help to support them. They can also advocate on behalf of the child with child protection and panel meetings and with other agencies. 


The therapist can offer specific and more general support around emotional and behavioural difficulties that are impacting on the school environment. They can suggest and advise ways to support staff and children during the school day. 


In a busy school it can be hard to find the time to think about the impact that children experiencing difficulties might have on us or others. We can offer a space to reflect and think about the children we’re working with, what they might be experiencing and the affect it can have on the school environment. In doing this we can help to alleviate stresses and think of new ways of managing both for ourselves and the wider environment.


We have a range of CPD trainings to enhance the knowledge of school staff. We can also deliver bespoke trainings targeting particular issues such as ASN, the effects of trauma and brain development etc. We also offer a short introduction to Play Therapy for staff to find out more about our work.