The child is always central to the focus of our work. Social, environmental, familial, behavioural and biological factors can all cause difficulties and we have a range of services to help support children within the home, school and community environments.


Play Therapy

Play Therapy can help to support children dealing with traumatic or chaotic backgrounds. Young children can often struggle to understand or verbalise their experiences and this can have an adverse affect on their ability to manage their emotions. A therapist will help the child to make sense of and understand their feelings, this enables them to cope better. Find out more about Play Therapy here


Group Work

Group work can be a valuable tool to enable children to overcome hurdles as they are encouraged to interact, co-operate and reflect. From children who are shy and withdrawn to those who are more socially aggressive group work can help to increase confidence and emotional understanding. Group work is tailor made to the specific needs of the children and can be delivered in schools, nurseries or from our offices.


Parent/Carer & Child

Sometimes being a parent or carer can feel more difficult. It could be external pressures that leave us struggling or a new behaviour/developmental stage that worries us or we don’t understand. We offer support and advice to parents to help them make sense of these difficulties.


Family groups

We run a range of groups for families to participate in together. Running throughout the year, after school and during holidays they’re a great way to spend time together and also with other families. Relaxed and friendly, staff are on hand to run activities, manage difficulties and chat. These can also be delivered in most environments, indoors and out.